A history of production of Georgian wine brandy has started in Sarajishvili factory, which at present functions as a historic museum as well. While strolling in old parks and ancient reserves and exploring the sweet aroma of brandy, you can completely forget the present time and dive into an atmosphere, where Georgian wine brandy production was taking its first steps.

We offer a tour, helping you to experience and understand the real soul that stands behind of every brandy bottle produced in our factory. An experienced guide will lead you through the company’s history and tell you about significant episodes from David Sarajishvili’s life. During the tour you will also find out how one of the best wine brandy companies “Sarajishvili House” was becoming into being.

Tasting will help you to explore the unique aroma and character of the real Georgian brandy.

Tours are held in Georgian, Russian, English and Chinese languages.

We offer four different tours:

VS tour – includes the tasting of 5* and VS brandies.

VSOP tour – includes the tasting of 5*, VS and VSOP brandies.

XO tour – allows visitors to taste 5*, VS, VSOP and XO brandies.

VIP – allows visitors to taste 30-years aged brandy.

Tours are available on:


​Monday-Friday 09:00-18:00, Saturday-Sunday 11:00 -15:00