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The three-century history of Sarajishvili brand starts in 1884. David Sarajishvili set up  the first classical wine brandy making technology in Georgia. After France, Georgia was the first country in the Russian Empire to start producing cognac and to call it “cognac” officially. The factory was located in Tbilisi and it produced its first product in 1887.

The company “Sarajishvili” was rapidly growing and expanding throughout the Russian Empire and Europe. A network of distilleries and warehouses was popping up. The Sarajishvili company was selling the wide range of products:  cognac, vodka, wine, liqueur, rum, absinth and other alcohol drinks.

David Sarajishvili company's productions' first specialized store (so-called "Butik" –„boutique“) in Tbilisi  was open in 1903.

In 1909 May 1, the government of France released the first decree, categorically forbidding to use the word “cognac”, even on the territory of France, except Charente department. After this on all labels the name “cognac” was changed into wine brandy, but technology of production remained the same.

In 1889-1912 David Sarajishvili’s work is being recognized to an international market. Georgian brandy got the golden medals at Paris Brussels and Chicago exhibitions. In 1913 the company earned the exceptional status “The provider of Russian Emperors house”

In the soviet period the factory was nationalized and its name was changed into “Tbilisi Cognac Factory”. Since then the factory has changed its corporate form for several times. Nevertheless, the company never has slowed its development speed and created reserves with high quality spirits during the years.


Construction of the current factory started in 1939 and lasted to 1954. It was the very place where unique spirits distilled in different regions of Georgia were collected and reserved.


In 1994 the Bubuteishvili family became an owner of the company. The family has purchased the company with its reserves of historical Georgian spirits, the collection of which also features spirits distilled in 1893 and 1905 under the primary supervision of David Sarajishvili. The company has returned its original name “Sarajishvili”.

During his life David Sarajishvili was famous for innovatory approaches and had very special attitude to his activity, Sarajishvili’s every step was the constant aspiration towards development of his country. Mutual assent of values the wide experience and professionalism, with reserves of versatile spirits and maintaining the modern technologies the company “Sarajishvili” successfully continues the activity, to which David Sarajishvili has devoted the entire life.


Products of “Sarajishvili” has been awarded with more than 250 prizes at international exhibitions, including 6 super grand prizes, 35 grand prizes, 1 double gold, 1 big gold and 155 gold medals. Thanks to these awards “Sarajishvili ” has been recognized not only at the local, but also at the international markets. Nowadays, Sarajishvili brandy is exported approximately in twenty countries of four continents.

​Endless creative searching, professionalism, devotion to the business and pursuit of progress are the main characteristics of the company – “Sarajishvili“.

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