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The “Sarajishvili” storage contains thousands of spirits, carefully stored in oak barrels, of different ages and coming from different corners of Georgia. The company’s experienced master blender chooses the one, with which a new product will be bottled, for the “vintage line”.


This careful and creative process is more like an art form, and the company has more than 130 years of experience in this matter. This is how an exclusive “vintage line” is born: it is made out of one handpicked blend, from one specific year.


Thus the end product is also exclusive - only 1,000 bottles. Poured into 1,000 bottles, a present from the vines growing on Georgia’s sunny fields, with its own unique color, aroma and unique character.


Because of centuries of tradition and a unique collection of spirits, “Sarajishvili” is the only company in the southern Caucasus that can create such unique products.  Each bottle, frozen in time, containing history, that gives the promise of an unforgettable journey.

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