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The history of manufacturing the first Georgian wine brandy took its start from David ,,Sarajishvili factory in 1884. Since then the company Sarajishvili has been mastering to create distinctive samples of wine brandy.

While walking through the old parks and ancient warehouses, feeling the sweet aroma of brandy, you can completely forget the present time and dive into the atmosphere, where Georgian wine brandy production was taking its first steps.

Throughout the visit, you will discover and learn about the history of Georgian wine brandy and the unknown nuances of the technology of its creation, touch historical artifacts, learn how to taste, assess and treat ,,Sarajishvili“.

Tasting will help you experience the unique aroma and character of the real Georgian brandy.

Monday - Sunday 10:00-17:00

Duration : 60-90 MIN.

Tours are held in Georgian, Russian, English and Chinese languages

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