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The process of birth of premium quality wine brandy is the kind of art, in which the successful outcome shall be achieved by a human hand. The unique blending composition is created with the skill of perception of subtle intuition and flavors. Vakhtang Tsitsishvili, the technologist of the Sarajishvili Company, was the person who applied all these principals and created a unique Brand of Eniseli.


There are outstanding stories that go beyond just the frames of creation of the premium quality drink and the story of Eniseli Brandy is one of the kind.


The unforgettable taste of Eniseli is the inseparable part of the history of Sarajishvili Company. This noble, dark golden liquid was already aged 14 when blended in 1962 and since then it is been held in oak casks for over 50 years. The refined spirit of rich taste distilled from the popular Georgian grape sort – species of Rkatsiteli is distinguished with the delicate balance of flavors of oak timber, chocolate, vanilla, flowers and fruit. The unique Georgian soil and the sun of the village of Eniseli in a Kvareli micro zone are the exclusive and irreplaceable conditions that form the versatile nature of this precious liquid ensuring unforgettable meeting of brandy lovers with this brilliant taste – extreme satisfaction of brandy lovers with this marvelous spirit. Undoubtedly, Eniseli is the harmony of all the best traditions that emerge as the visit card - serving as the business card of the Sarajishvili Company.


Creation of Eniseli is closely linked with the Sarajishvili company which makes it an exclusive producer of this distinguished drink. Just like any unique product, Eniseli has its own history. The creator of this famous spirit is the chief technologist of the Tbilisi Brandy Factory, Mr. Vakhtang Tsitsishvili, who made - produced Eniseli in 1943, though the brandy became a legend at the Yalta Conference in 1945. It was upon the request of Joseph Stalin that members of the Big Three (The Grand Alliance) were supposed to be served with the Soviet made drink at official dinners.


It is worth-noting that Eniseli impressed Winston Churchill, a great lover and expert of cognac and brandy. Moreover, the British Prime Minister considered Eniseli as a French cognac. Taking into consideration such an outstanding assessment of this drink, Stalin ordered to establish a special Stalin prize bearing his name and Mr. Vakhtang Tsitsishvili, the creator of the brandy was awarded with this unique award in 1947.  This highest award was unique in this field.


Eniseli kept on its triumphal run by holding the titles of an irreplaceable star of international exhibitions and contests and this brilliant success was proved with 4 Grand Prixes, 2 Super Grand Prixes, 22 Gold and 5 Silver Medals won by the company.


This wine brandy is not only the premium quality drink boasting with – being proud of its delicate features, variety of taste and aroma but it is also the inseparable part of the history of Vakhtang Tsitsishvili and Sarajishvili Company. This precious liquid honors the merit of the gifted man and the real professional of his work.

Indeed, Eniseli embodies the major values of Sarajishvili Company – history, traditions, experience, quality and striving for novelties.

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