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 “Prince Alexander” is the distinguished and limited wine brandy of the “Sarajishvili” Company and the “Tsinandali Estate”.

The refined taste of the drink is the gentle balance of oak timber, chocolate, vanilla as well as flower and fruit flavors.

The cooperation of the “Sarajishvili” and the “Tsinandali Estate” is based on the historical context. This friendship has short, but rather touching aspects.

   The Tsinandali Estate is considered as the cradle of classical wine-making in Georgia, as the very first wine bottling took place at Tsinandali Estate. Alexander Chavchavadze was born in 1786; his legacy as the creator of modern Georgian winemaking lives on and Tsinandali Estate still offers the exclusive and premium Georgian wines. Saperavi, bottled in 1841 and other 19th century historic vintages are still preserved at Prince Alexander Chavchavadze’s Oenotheque in Tsinandali Estate.

   “Sarajishvili” was also the innovator and the author of bottling of the first Georgian wine brandy. Founded in 1884, the company’s first product saw its daylight after three years.

Wine brandy bottles of David Sarajishvili have not been preserved in the Tsinandali storages, but the main creator of the wine brandy had tight connection with the prominent Georgian estate. Sarajishvili has been sending cognac in barrels to David Chavchavadze, the last owner of the patrimonial.

David offered Sarajishvili’s cognac to his guests in thirty special carafes. A photo of David Sarajishvili and his spouse Eketerine Porakishvili, as the sign of friendship with David Chavchavadze has been preserved in the Tsinandali Estate until today. Presenting a photo was regarded as the sign of closeness in that period. Notes of short musical piece created by an unknown composer and dedicated to David Sarajishvili’s visit to the estate has been also found in Tsinandali.

An idea of cooperation along with its prehistory emerged as the result of the sheer experience of the both companies. The grape grown in the Tsinandali Estate for producing   “Prince Alexander” is pressed in the Sarajishvili factory, alcohol is also distilled there, which afterwards is aged in barrels of Tsinandali Estate.

Due to the century old tradition, experience, professionalism, reserves of versatile spirits and modern technologies the company “Sarajishvili” properly continues the activity, to which David Sarajishvili has devoted his entire life. 

   The past, present and the future vision of “Sarajishvili” and the “Tsinandali Estate” is based on the quality, professionalism and innovative perspective.

The emotional fragments of the history highlight that the birth of the new drink, new connection and new friendship is the natural continuation of old links and friendship.

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