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Finest Quality Drink produced with a traditional Georgian recipe using the walnut partition



The “Sarajishvili” company is among the seekers of this family, folk and historical taste. Retaining the traditional taste and aiming for creating the new, different one has become an age-long tradition here. Authentic national recipes are constantly being searched for, selected and collected at the company. The new taste is developed after analyzing, studying and synthesizing these recipes.

The new product “Tikhari” is the result of this search, especially, given the fact that to obtain the desirable taste, technologists of Sarajishvili used to work for a long time. The aim was to develop a new, different and stable taste out of the national one looked for from family to family; make sure the new Georgian recipe gained new life, have new packaging and form – the one which the consumer admired by discovering the delicious tastes in cold mode with ice.

Technology: The blend of the drink contains: natural extract of walnut partition, spirit of  brandy, spirit of the highest quality. The blend of these ingredients is placed in old oak barrels, in which the brandy used to be matured for years.

“Tikhari” is characterized by the attractive, crystal golden color, original, pleasant aroma of walnut and piquant, soft, rich, refined taste.

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