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Doesn't it happen sometimes that a good mood just arises seemingly out of nowhere? Someone will smile at you warmly, you'll hear a sweet chirping or an evoking melody, or even meet an old friend on the street, and something changes in you immediately. But the event itself is too small to turn into a story - barely filling a single sentence. So it will just pass by, and although you may soon forget it, the emotion left by it will still linger for a long time.


This is your moodscape. Your story.


Director: Bakhva Bregvadze 

Art Direction: Bakhva Bregvadze, Tata Tavadze, Mariam Tskitishvili

DoP: Giorgi Shvelidze 

Producer : Ninia Sherpa 

Set Design: D.tale Sopo Japaridze, Ruso Abzianidze, Niniko Vasadze

Stylist: MUZARADI Ketevan Kherkheulidze 

Actors: Nato Metonidze, Manika Asatiani  

Focus puller: Manu Elijarashvili 

Guffer: Vaja Aprasidze 

Light crew: ,,Jagagrip"  

Mua: Nino Bedeladze

Set Photographer: Louisa Chalatashvili

Making of: Levan Kupatadze 

Text : Beka Adamashvili

Music: Giorgi gigashvili, Nini Nutsubidze, Janngo

Musical composition - Gia Kancheli ,,Don't call me"

Sound Design: ,,Play Records" - Nino Tsitlauri 

Edit: Elene Mgeladze 

Color: DIT Georgia


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