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We present a video clip created as the joint project of Hammock Magazine and Sarajishvili company.

We will more closely introduce the first Georgian wine brandy and its historical building in the scopes of the project.

While your visit you’ll have an opportunity to experience and feel the real soul of the brand history and learn about some unknown facts of the technology of its creating, you will be able to touch historic artefacts and learn how to taste and assess „Sarajishvili“.

Talented and young musicians: Nini Nutsubidze, Mariam Janjghava and Giorgi Gigashvili have worked together on the music, specially created for the video clip.

Director - Giorgi Maisuradze

Director's Assistant - Gvantsa Chanadiri

Camera - Levan Maisuradze

Edit - Elene Mgeladze

MUA - Make-Up Institute Georgia

Designer - Ketevan Kherkheulidze

Music - Nini Nutsubidze Mariam Janjgava Giorgi Gigashvili

Recorded and mastered - Play Records / Nino Tsitlauri

Cast - Tiko Jejelava Timothee Passy Temuka Shengelia Oto Somkhishvili Mariam Tskitishvili

Special Thanks - Tbilisi Marriot Hotel / Tekla Kiguradze


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